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maltCert Institute – the malt supplier evaluation!

  • Careful selection of suppliers (and their constant auditing) is getting more and more important.
  • The consumers' demand for transparency and sustainable supply chain has increased immensely and is still increasing—your company needs to be prepared for a reorientation!
  • A modern supplier - management is a prerequisite to fulfill these demands. This is where our institute enters the picture.

We can offer you the following modules:

Malting barley purchasemaltCert-Zertifikat

  • Varietal policy of the malting plants
  • Quality standards for malting barley purchasing
  • Verification and quality assurance of malting barley
  • Logistics of delivery
  • Sampling and analytics
  • Variety identification, determination of mycotoxins, residue analysis
  • Commercial aspects of malting barley

Malting barley production

  • Quality of storage
  • Variety identification
  • Technology of steeping, germination and kilning, quality control of production
  • Sampling and analytics including quality status of finished malt
  • Special inspection on varietal purity, mycotoxins, gushing test, if required
  • Hygiene standards in production and storage

Loading and transportation

  • Compliance with quality standards
  • Sampling and analytics
  • Inspection of prior carriages, transport permits and carrier

Purchase contracts malting barley Prüfsiegel geschützt

  • Auditing of all forms of contracts in the brewery's interest
  • Optimization of contracts
  • Specification consulting
  • Consulting malting barley varieties

Purchase of malting barley on behalf of the brewery

  • According to your specification, we search the best suited malting partner and malt batches for you. We support you in negotiating the malt purchase until the contract is closed.
  • Along with a report about the result of our work, you will receive our maltCert Certificate. Now you can provide written proof both internally and externally that your product is secure!

We are pleased to advise you independently, neutrally and comprehensively in every aspect of malt procuring!

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