maltCert Brewery Benefit

Malt is a relatively secure raw material,
but there are certainly hazards to your product!

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In a media society, you need to know who you are working with. The responsibility of your supplier is high, but your company's responsibility is by the factor of your suppliers' number higher.

Our maltCert Seal of Approval gives you the certainty to have acted responsibly. Ask your suppliers whether they are maltCert –certified!

Main risks in malt evaluation:

  • Regional and national environmental and weather impacts on barley malt
  • Pesticides and other residues
  • Wrong or inappropriate storage
  • Incorrect facility design
  • Use of non-permitted additives and substances
  • Non-permitted blending of barley or malt, intentional or unintentional
  • Wrong cleaning and disinfection detergents
  • High pest infestation or insufficient pest control
  • Errors or misconduct of employees, intentional or unintentional

A high risk potential for your brewery, look for the maltCert Seal of Approval!

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