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You are looking for an external malting-specialist, maltCert Institute, your first choice!

  • Malt, besides water and hops, is the elementary "primary product" for beer production. Malt production is a very complex task, ranging from breeding the malting barley to delivering and processing it in the brewery. With our decades of detailed expertise in brewing and malting, we can help you create smooth malting processes. Just talk with us.
  • We develop a customized concept for your company to fit you special needs.
  • Analysis-orders of our customers are carried out by the laboratory for raw material science, Prof. Dr. Rath, (Research Institute for Brewing and Malting Technology, Berlin (VLB Berlin), Germany.

We advise you in search criteria and evaluation of suppliers that are best suited for you.

This includes also control and optimization of your specific quality standards in compliance with your malt-delivery contracts.

Let us talk about what we can do for you!

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