Malthouses, stand-alone or group

We fit together! Mälzereien, Mengen, Produktionsmengen, Malz, Standorte, Braugerste, Rohstoffe, Bier, Deutschland, Auswahl

A voluntary participation in an external, practice-oriented Certification leads to more safety and transparency and creates mutual trust between you, breweries and consumers.

  • Use your competitive advantage, our maltCert Certificate sends the right signals.
  • Demonstrate even more transparency and responsibility!
  • You are planning a "Long-Term-Agreement" with one of your most important brewery partners and need a basis for a real, independent and neutral on-the-spot check?
  • Your participation also protects you from a directly ordered brewery-customer control through maltCert Institute:
    "maltCert Guarantee for protection of legitimate expectations"
  • One single mistake can lead to a financial crisis or even ruin.
  • The damage of your reputation has no price tag whatsoever.
  • You want to stay among the best, expand your leading position or narrow the gap with the leaders?

Good reasons to get active!

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